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GCLS is still operating throughout COVID-19

GCLS is still operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but our services may be delivered differently or change at short notice to keep people as safe as possible. This can include attending Court remotely and providing legal advice over the phone instead of in person. Some of these changes may be mandated by the Victorian Government.

GCLS can help with COVID-19 related legal issues

COVID-19 has impacted on every aspect of our lives. Many people are facing legal issues for the first time due to COVID-19. The pandemic can impact people in many legal areas, such as housing, homelessness, mental health and family law. Research even suggests that family violence incidents increase following emergencies or disasters, such as COVID-19.

If you are experiencing a legal issue related to COVID-19, GCLS may be able to help.

Family violence duty lawyer service and COVID-19

GCLS continues to provide family violence intervention order duty lawyer service at Courts throughout Gippsland. Those services may be delivered remotely, which means our lawyers might speak to you over the phone instead of seeing you in person at Court.

The Court’s operating procedures can change at short notice due to COVID-19, so GCLS encourages you to contact us as soon as you know that you have a Court date. This helps make sure that you can get accurate advice as early as possible and that you know what to expect on the Court date.

If you can’t contact us early, it is important to tell the Court that you want to speak to a duty lawyer when you are at Court on the morning of your Court date. During COVID-19, this may mean you need to call the Court. The Court will then refer you to the duty lawyer service, if a duty lawyer service is available that day.

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How to get help

To request a free telephone advice session about a COVID-19 related legal issue, please call us on 1800 004 402 or fill out our online ‘Request an Appointment’ form. Our telephone line operates Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

If you are unable to access our telephone advice service, please fill out our online ‘Request an Appointment’ form and we can organise a socially distanced face-to-face appointment.

Further information about common legal issues arising from COVID-19 can be found on Victoria Legal Aid’s website.

Please visit the Victorian Government’s Coronavirus website for information on COVID-19, including information about health directions and restrictions currently in place.

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