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Need top quality legal help in Inverloch, but can’t afford the high fees of a lawyer? We understand that this can be a very stressful time which is why we’re pleased to introduce a team of professionals who are ready to assist you: Gippsland Community Legal Service.

The highly-trained legal team at GCLS help Inverloch and other Bass Coast Shire locals across a myriad of legal issues. Common issues on which GCLS provide advice include family violence, parenting plans and separation – all three of which are unfortunately prevalent in the Inverloch region.

Here is some more detail on some of the issues with which GCLS can help Inverloch residents:

Family violence

Family violence is sadly a problem which GCLS hears of frequently amongst Inverloch residents. The statistics show this too, as the Bass Coast Shire has a rate of family violence which is drastically higher than the Victorian average.

While the Victorian average rate of family violence cases is 1364.7 per 100,000, the rate in Bass Coast shire stands at nearly double this amount at 2384.2 cases per 100,000.

We take family violence very seriously, prioritising cases of family violence in the Inverloch region. If you live in Inverloch and have experienced family violence, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Gippsland Community Legal Service for free legal help.

GCLS helps to make sense of the legal problems that can arise when family violence occurs. GCLS also has a strong relationship with family violence support services and can help link you with them to ensure that you are also receiving as much non-legal support as you need.

Family violence assistance services provided by GCLS in Inverloch include:

  • Intervention order advice before Court
  • Duty lawyers who can provide advice, representation and referrals on the day you have to attend Court
  • In some cases, assistance for respondents to intervention orders
  • Help with legal problems beyond intervention orders, including tenancy, parenting plans, debts, fines, infringements and more.

Family law - parenting plans

Parenting plans are another aspect of family law which Inverloch residents may need help with. Disputes over parenting plans can be very stressful. You may feel that your child’s other parent may be being unreasonable when negotiating a parenting plan, or you may be concerned for your child’s safety if you view their other parent as being negligent or incompetent.

GCLS have helped many Inverloch and Bass Coast Shire residents in negotiating fair parenting plans and coming to civil agreements. With all family law issues, GCLS and the Australian legal system encourages parents to agree on parenting plans without going to court: going to court is emotionally and financially draining.

Some of the issues that GCLS can help you with when organising parenting plans include:

  • Making arrangements for the parenting of their children
  • Applying to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia for financial and/or parenting orders.

Family law - separation

Separation can be a particularly challenging time for people in Inverloch. Stress levels increase due to a number of problems, like the splitting up of your family, separation and divorce, custody disagreements and more.

Gippsland Community Legal Service is here to help you navigate these complex, stressful issues and offer a solution. Residents of Inverloch who are experiencing these issues can access our completely free legal advice by getting in touch as soon as possible.

Some of the family law issues with which GCLS aims to assist you include:

  • Making a property settlement after separation or divorce
  • Applying for a divorce
  • Other legal issues as part of relationship breakdown, including family violence, debts and financial stresses and tenancy issues.

Rental issues

Tenancy issues are also a big problem in Inverloch, as well as the Gippsland Region as a whole. Financial difficulty, notices to vacate, disputes about maintenance and repair – these are all problems on which GCLS can provide top quality, free legal advice.

GCLS understand that tenancy can also be affected by additional life problems, such as financial stress, domestic violence, separation and others. GCLS looks to provide legal advice, keeping in mind all the factors in your life, and offering the best solution for your personal situation.

Gippsland Community Legal Service can help Inverloch residents solve a range of legal issues arising from tenancy, including:

  • Financial difficulties and struggling to pay rent
  • Eviction or challenging a notice to vacate
  • Having a dispute with your property manager or rental provider about repairs and maintenance of rental properties
  • Negotiating and dealing with a government or community housing agency about tenancy
  • Seeking compensation from rental providers who breach their duties under the rental agreement
  • Applying to and attending VCAT for your tenancy issues

Mental health

One in five Victorians experience a mental health condition each year. In rural Victoria, the effects of this figure are heightened; mental health issues affect the same amount of people per population in Inverloch, for example, as they do in metro areas, but support services and general understanding of mental health issues are more limited in rural areas.

Therefore, mental health and its impact on the law is a primary focus for the team at Gippsland Community Legal Service in Inverloch. If you’re struggling with mental health issues which have impacted an area of law, GCLS can help. This includes:

  • Advance statements
  • Guardianship and administration
  • Representation at the Mental Health Tribunal

Many other areas of law

Gippsland Community Legal Service have helped many Inverloch residents with legal issues other than the ones mentioned here. Whatever your concern, you’ll find help through GCLS, offering experienced legal advice, completely free of charge. Get in touch with the friendly team at GCLS and help us to help you today.

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