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Policy and Law Reform

One important challenge for lawmakers is law reform. The Gippsland Community Legal Service’s law reform work focusses on challenging potential and existing unfair laws and practices, and making recommendations for improvements.

Laws must reflect the current values and needs of modern society to ensure they stay fair, relevant and up-to-date as they must serve the needs of the people.

The law needs to be able to respond to scenarios and situations which arise in a changing society, such as new types of criminal activity e.g. constantly changing technology.  The rapid development of mobile phone technology and the internet have provided lawmakers with new challenges as they have created behaviours such as e-stalking, sexting and cyber-bullying which a decade ago were unheard of.

Law reform activities focus on:

  • Highlighting the impact of the law on our community, with particular focus on those who experience social and economic disadvantage;
  • Recommending changes to the law based on our experiences with the Gippsland community;
  • Highlighting any injustices within the law to the government and other institutions;
  • Raising community awareness of any injustices within the law.