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Courtroom Dramas

The Gippsland Community Legal Service in partnership with the National Trust, offer two Courtroom

Dramas to all secondary schools in Gippsland.  The Courtroom Dramas are based on real-life, current issues facing young people which can have unknown but long-term and detrimental ramifications for them.

Students become active participants in the Courtroom Dramas as they take part in the re-enactment of an authentic trial assuming the roles of: Prosecutor; Defence Counsel; Judge, Offender; Witnesses, vocal Public Gallery members and a Courtroom Artist. 

At the end of the case, students explore the human rights, citizenship and justice issues that are relevant to their world and question whether justice was served.

Sessions are run by trained facilitators using fully-scripted one hour trial re-enactments.

Courtroom Drama sessions are: "I've killed my best mate!"; and "Respect Me".

Courtroom Drama session:  I’ve killed my best mate!

Courtroom Drama session:  Respect Me

Over 70% of teenagers have received ‘sexts’ or sexual images through their phones from friends, peers or unknown people.

Young women are the main targeted victims of this practice which can have long-term, harmful consequences for them.

Schools and parents alike are struggling to know how to educate students about this highly topical issue and to keep up-to-date with changes to the law.


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